2018 European Senior Championships


24 - 30 September 2018

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7 августа


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  • 35+
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  • 55+
  • 60+
  • 65+
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The European Senior Championships is an event for players over 35 years of age organized by Badminton Europe every second year - the following age groups are included:

35+ players born in 1982 or earlier
40+ players born in 1977 or earlier
45+ players born in 1972 or earlier
50+ players born in 1967 or earlier
55+ players born in 1962 or earlier
60+ players born in 1957 or earlier
65+ players born in 1952 or earlier
70+ players born in 1947 or earlier
75+ players born in 1942 or earlier

The 2018 event will be hosted in the Guadalajara, Spain from 24-30 September 2018.

2018 European Senior Championships
To be organised on behalf of Badminton Europe by the Spanish Badminton Federation


PABELLON MULTIUSOS DE GUADALAJARA Avenida del Vado 13, 19005 Guadalajara

Dates of Championships

Monday 24 September to Sunday 30 September 2018.



Player entered in:

  • 1 event: Euro 75,-
  • 2 events: Euro 90,-
  • 3 events: Euro 120,-

Participation fees are payable to Badminton Europe after receipt of invoice.

Closing date

Entries must be received by Badminton Europe no later than: Tuesday 7 August 2018 at 23:59 BWF HQ time (GMT +8)

Please use this link to submit your entries:




To be entered in this tournament, a player will need a BWF ID number. Please contact the BWF office if you need assistance on this matter.


All 5 events will be played at the Championships in the following age groups: 35+/ 40+/ 45+/ 50+/ 55+/ 60+/ 65+/70+/75+

A player is eligible to compete, provided he or she fulfils the age requirements before 1 January of the year in which the Championships are played (youngest players must be born in 1982).

A player is eligible to enter an event for players younger than the age group he or she qualifies to play in. He or she may, however, not play in the same event in more than one age group.

Each Member Association shall be entitled to enter in each age group:

8 players in men’s singles 8 players in women’s singles

A maximum of 16 players in each doubles event (men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles).


A Member Association may enter a maximum of eight pairs comprising only their own players. However, a Member Association may enter a maximum of sixteen pairs comprising one of their players partnering a player from another Member Association, provided always that the total number of players from any Member Association does not exceed sixteen players in any event. Entries may be submitted only by a Member Association.

The minimum entry in each event will be 8 players/pairs.

Any event not having an entry of 8 players/pairs may be put together with the age group below.

Each Member Association entering players shall, at least fourteen days before the start of the tournament, nominate their team manager/representative. (When a country only enters one player, that player will be accepted as team manager).

Partner Wanted:

If a player is looking for a partner for the doubles and/or the mixed doubles event, please write and e-mail to events@badmintoneurope.com stating:

  • Name of the player
  • BWF-ID of the player (must be set up in advance)
  • Country
  • Event (incl. age group) in which a partner is wanted

Partnerships will be made after the entry deadline by drawing lots amongst all players entered as "partner wanted”.



web pages



Jozef Kuprivec, SLO


Carmen Martinez, ESP


Ilkka Vainio, FIN Susana Maldonado, POR

Committee of

Tamara Geeraerts (BEC), Peter Tarcala (BEC), Alberto Carazo (ESP) and


the Referee.


Yonex AS-50


The Tournament will be played in accordance with the regulations of the Confederation as laid down in Appendix IX (Regulations for the European Senior Championships) and the Laws and Regulations as adopted by the Badminton World Federation.


Clothing and advertising

Clothing and advertising will be permitted in accordance with the regulations for the European Senior Championships, regulations 12-13.

Please note clothing must comply with existing BWF regulations, unless exceptions to lettering have been given by Badminton Europe.

In order to ensure an attractive presentation of badminton, only acceptable badminton sports clothing will be permitted during play.

The name of the player and the name of the player’s association on the back of the shirt are both optional.

In applying regulations on clothing and designs and advertising on players’ clothing the decision of the Referee shall be final.

Anti doping testing

According to the existing law in Spain anti-doping testing may be carried out on a random basis at any time.


Any medical treatment necessary away from the sports hall (e.g. at hotels or hospitalisation due to serious illness or injury) is at the players or officials own expense.

It is recommended that associations of players or individual participants cover these risks by medical insurance.

Visa Application

It is the responsibility of any nation or player needing a visa to travel to Spain to make sure that visa applications are made not later than 7 August 2018

Organisers are unable to send supporting letters at a late stage and Embassies are no longer prepared to issue "last minute” visas. The fact that visas cannot be obtained, will NOT be accepted as an excuse for a withdrawal.

Host Contact Details

Spanish Badminton Federation: Info.guadalaiara2018@badminton.es



We kindly ask all players/teams to book accommodation and transport via the official tournament organizers.

All the Information can be found here: Accommodation for ESC18 E-mail : accommodation.guadalaiara2018@badminton.es The deadline is the 7 August 2018.


Travel details to be sent to: Transport.guadalaiara2018@badminton.es The deadline is the 10 September 2018.





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